My name means Great Expectations. Currently, I’m a law student, who just finished a Masters’ degree in Sport & Entertainment Management at the University of South Carolina en route to becoming one of the biggest names in sports agency. I have an extensive background in marketing and contracts from my studies in addition to working as a booking agent and artist representative part-time along with acting as a real estate agent. As a former biomedical engineering major, I’ve always had an analytical and problem solving type mentality, but I had to discover what my true passion was and what value I had to provide before I could set out to achieve my great expectations.

The love I have for sport is most attributable to the inspiration that ascends from it, whether in the form of an undrafted free agent making a Super Bowl winning interception or a 25-point comeback Super Bowl victory that inspires the next great Quarterback. I realized that, while my talents don’t necessarily involve throwing a tight spiral while getting hit in the ribcage by a 300 pound man, I have an unbelievable understanding of what goes on behind the scenes as well as in the action, and I still have the ability to help people and inspire greatness in my chosen career path.

Since shifting into sport management, I have amassed 96 credit hours in 2 years, 56 undergraduate hours in the first and 40 graduate hours in the second, on the path to a couple of graduations while captaining a team of 4 graduate students in the National Sports Forum Case Cup Competition with the other top programs in the nation. Being able to read and understand people is just as important as being able to dissect film and identify talent. I believe that in business as well as in life, it’s all about building bridges not burning them, so networking and relationship building are tantamount to success, especially in this industry. My relationships have gotten me where I am today and will continue to work for me as long as I work for them.

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